Scaffholding deck

Scaffolding decks, produced from Nordic spruce, each individual slat mechanically tested in accordance with DIN/EN 14081 and DIN 4074 MS 10/13. Depending on the width of the scaffolding decks, 3 - 5 slats are bonded for water and weather resistance. We use a PUR adhesive for this purpose, which is entirely emissions-free and attains the optimum strength results.

Our production is quality monitored by the MPA Stuttgart and complies with the specifications of DIN 1052. Our glue approval C verification and certification of competence for the mechanical sorting of sawn timber are available to download.

Scaffolding decks from timber are highly popular amongst construction workers due to their extremely smooth and warm surface, which permits working whilst seated or kneeling in comfort.


System free deck

We produce system-free scaffolding decks in any desired dimensions and lengths from 1-6 metres. The scaffolding decks are threefold bonded, planed and the longitudinal edges are bevelled.

Sizes in stock: 45 x 240mm
Length: 1m / 1,5m / 2m / 2,5m / 3m / 3,5m / 4m

Available with and without protective caps. We produce planks and boards for all conventional scaffolding systems.


System scaffolding deck LAYHER

Sizes: 44 x 320mm
Length: 0,75m / 1,10m / 1,50m / 2m / 2,50m
Sizes: 48 x 320
Length: 3m

System scaffolding deck HÜNEBECK / BOSTA

Sizes:    48 x 320mm
Length: 0,75m / 1m / 1,50m / 2m / 2,50m / 3m

System scaffolding deck RINGER

Sizes: 35 x 600mm
Length: 1,25m / 1,50m / 2m / 2,5 m
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